Onsite & Offshore Consulting

Have your own dedicated development team in India and get your development work happening round the clock. You can start with just one team member and can go as high as you want. Using our Construct Work and Adopt Model, we will setup your own dedicated employees for your company. For all practical purposes you are fully in charge of what the team does right down to the day to day work done by each member. You schedule your teams’ project plans. The team will work on our premises and will be on our payroll. We will take care of all aspects of your team’s day to day needs. It is like having your full-fledged development team in India from day zero without having to wait for 6 months to go through the process of incorporating a company. Your team will have a dedicated physical area to work in at our facility that will help in team building and create a distinct identity for your company. We will help you recruit and setup the team. You can be fully operational as a team even while you work on establishing your presence in India.